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We were blessed to have Elias and Anna Esh and John and Ruth Stoltzfus visit us the 24th and 25th of Feb. Anna works at Stoltzfus meats which is a Javataza customer, and Linda Hershey (daughter of Elias and Anna) who is also a Javataza customer (The Pantry of Lancaster County) encouraged her parents to come and visit us on their trip to Costa Rica.



It's always interesting to get an email from nearly complete strangers and watch the whole trip and the meetings of new friends develop. I will share what are typical before and after trip emails!
Good morning Nathanael,
It's been a while since I met you over coffee with Gary here in Lancaster. I hope all is well with you in Costa Rica!

When you were here you mentioned that if we are ever in Costa Rica we should stop by. Well, I wish I could say that I am coming, but instead my parents and my cousin and her husband are visiting our riends there. I had spoken so highly of you and the things you talked about there and they would love to come by for a visit if possible. They are leaving here Feb 21 and will be there about 10 days.

I hope this is something that could work out but if not I totally understand. Let me know what you think! :)

Warm Regards,
Linda Hershey (The Pantry of Lancaster County)
Good morning Mr. Nathan
Good to hear from you! We would love to show your folks around! The 2010-2011 crop is over with for the season but there is still a lot of interesting things to see.

We have a home where they can stay the night they are here. and they might possibly enjoy a day touring the facilities and taking in a cupping session.
I think any time in that time frame you mentioned would work. I need to go to Guatemala around that time but don't have an itinerary as of yet so go ahead and schedule to suit your travel needs and I will schedule mine around.
There are a lot of beautiful things to see in the southern region so come on and get some sunshine!
Blessings, Nat

Hello Nat.  We again want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet us and show us around. We really appreciated it and also that you let us stay in such a beautiful house, more than we expected. May The Lord bless you for your hospitality.
 We got home a little later than we had planned due to missing our connecting flight in Charlotte so they put us up in a hotel Tue. night which was a really nice Embassy Suite.
 We got home around noon yesterday and stopped in at Stoltzfus Deli for lunch and saw the Javataza van in the parking lot, a bit ironic just having been at your plantation. We got to meet your salesman Nolt, nice guy.
 Later in the day I went over and bought some of your coffee which Ruthie had tried but I hadn't and had some this morning, It was what I expected, it was really good. It smelled a lot like the number 2 in our cupping session. It looks like we found our coffee.
 You have a really nice and attractive display. There is one thing that I thought would make it easier for first time users and that would be to have a sign showing where the bags are. I looked every where but down to where they were but I did find them. My thinking is the easier it is for people the better it is. (just a suggestion, not a criticism)
 We left perfect weather for cold weather, 17 degree's Tue. Night. We sure had a good time and have a lot of good memories from your beautiful country.
 When you get to our area and you have the time, give us a call.  Cell 717-538-5829    
 Tell your wife and family we said hello, John and Ruthie Stoltzfus
The best things in life are the friends we enjoy along life's way!

Nat Yoder


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