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In case you haven't noticed I have tried to refrain from constantly bombarding Southern Costa Rica News with happenings from Santiago Springs and Monte Verde in an effort to not be biased about our development projects here, but this time I can honestly say that the best news and the most excitement in the whole San Isidro area is happening in right here in the middle of our beautiful community! Let me hasten to give God all the honor and the glory before I go any further!



That is right! So much is happening here, finally! And it's too big to not understand that God is in control of everything! As many of you already know our initial business plan was to purchase these abandoned coffee plantations, pave a highway in here, create our own land appreciation and then sell off smaller parcels and develop Santiago Springs into a residential mountain community, in an effort to bring an economy to the community here. Well…..that was back in the better economic days of 2007 when we were doing our research and since then things have turned very bleak economically around the world to the point that we abandoned the idea of paving and resorted to trying to cash flow and wait for better days ahead.

It would appear that “those” better days ahead are here! Nearly a year ago I sensed God directing my thoughts to knock on the government's door. And if any of you has any idea what it is like in this country to knock on the government's door for anything at all it's like hopeless. I mean, it's more than what a lot of folks are willing to go through to even try and get their residency and red tape to go through just to be able to live here! And now less than a year later it would be dishonest for me to say that I pulled it all off. In fact I feel like I haven't even done very much and that this highway is nothing but a gift from God!

Our congresswoman Xinia Espinoza has become a very special person to our family, and is the most active representative in congress that the city of San Isidro has had in its history! I had never met her before a year ago and when she answered a request to visit our community, I was skeptical to say the least. I will never forget the day I met her and showed her our development projects and our spiritual and economic vision for the community of Santiago, she looked me in the eye and said, “I can't promise a road, but I do promise to give it all I've got, and use all the government connections I have, to try and help such a noble cause!”  

The promise to give all, has resulted in historic changes and economic betterment for the entire region of San Isidro southern Costa Rica and specifically the community of Santiago which has become her pet project! Not only has an 8 kilometer paved highway been approved by government but a new college for the community of Santiago has been approved as well.

On Feb 27, 2011 the local community school of Santiago organized a horse ride in honor and appreciation of Mrs. Xinia and her husband Luis. The ride or (Cabalgata) as it is called in Spanish took riders up through Santiago Springs and back around through lower Santiago and back to the community hall. Our family took this opportunity to give them a 2 seater porch swing built by James Troyer one of our local craftsmen.

But the reason this news letter is about a week late is because we were waiting to include the best news of all which took place on March 12, 2011 when Fransisco Jimenez the minister of transportation, Xinia Espinoza our congresswoman, and Luis Mendieta our newly elected Mayor came out to Santiago to personally explain to us how the phases play out on the new highway leading in from the Pan-American all the way to Monte Verde!
Saturday March 12, 2011 was a very historic day for the community of Santiago! Possibly for folks who are not accustomed to the culture here don't understand what all this signifies but for Costa Rica it is unheard of! You can ask all or any locals and they will tell you it is impossible! I think that partly due to some disbelief we had so many people show up as there were around 250 people! Lots of folks that have already purchased in Santiago Springs and Monte Verde were there, bringing friends and potential buyers to see for themselves what the government plans to do in this community!

So how should I try to explain all this when even local business men shake their heads and say, they can't believe it!? I won't even try to explain, I know that this isn't normal but I am very thankful and I can assure you that this will soon be one of the most beautiful areas to live in San Isidro Costa Rica, hands down. Santiago Springs has very beautiful home sites ready to build the home of your dreams.

While sometimes I am tempted to think that it would be fun to have multi-millions and come into a beautiful mountain and carve out a lovely gated development with all the bells and whistles, where you are in and out in 10 years and all you were responsible for is meeting your clients' expectations. What I see happening instead is something much bigger, something like I can hardly explain on paper, something like an integrated horizontal development which is not only changing a very small mountain area into a dream place to live, but rather it is something so much bigger than I (we) are that is forever changing an entire region in southern Costa Rica! It is through all these relationships that God has granted me the privilege to put together the 55 acre development plan for the city of San Isidro where the new commercial center and new hospital are going, (see the Jan news letter) so what can you say except that there is a higher hand guiding and directing in all of this!

There is something mystic about all that is happening here with all of this development that is creating a draw much larger than I could ever have dreamed of. Its like others see it and while many are not willing to make a very large sacrifice or commitment, yet they want to participate in the excitement as though making sure they don't miss out on what is going on, which is why I believe we continue selling in Santiago Springs and Monte Verde even when there are very few sales happening in the area as of yet. Again I thank God for allowing me to be a part of His work here and observing these kinds of miracles happen in the 21 century!                 

Nat Yoder

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