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I belong to the Strong Tower family in El Salvador C.A. Due to a bad heart condition when I was born I only weighed 10 lbs. at 2 years of age! Most folks (including the medical world) had given up on my little bundle of skin and bones. But my Father God did not give up on me! He inspired a few others to not give up on me as well, and one of these kind folks was Misael Aguilar.



Misael on a trip to the US ran into the kindest heart specialist that promised to do all he could if I could be taken to the US for surgery. A special visa, a donated airline ticket later and I was on my way. The heart specialist was not prepared for what he discovered. There was no hope. For him to go ahead with the operation someone had to sign off, as there was less than 25% chance that I would survive.

I not only survived! I am completely healed, healthy and as active and full of life as any girl could wish to be! And while there are some emotional sentiments I have to deal with, I know without a shadow of doubt that I am here for a very special purpose in life!

I am very blessed to be a part of the loving family at Strong Tower where our vision is to reach out and minister to others' needs as others have done for us.


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