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Do you have a computer area in school? What do you do when someone steals something from you? Do you have problems with security? What happens to your waste, or do you have a recycling plan? In your own cemetery, do you have a layout design for the vaults or do you just build anywhere? If some one wants to get a college degree, are you allowed to? What do you do if a child chooses not to follow your teachings? These and many more questions were fired at us from eight professors' who are taking PhDs in the Catholic University of Costa Rica this past Sunday July 10, 2011.



We were pleased to welcome this group of University students to our humble Christian "Mennonite" community in Santiago, southern Costa Rica. I like the challenge of being asked why I do what I do. After a message titled "Jesus is King" by James Troyer, we had lunch together in the chapel and then moved to the Mount Zion Literature office where we gave them a short presentation of our Christian literature work here in the south.

It turns out that Morales Adolfo Chavez, one of the students is also the Vice-President of the Assemblies of God in Costa Rica and they having a conference the end of this month and we are invited to do a presentation of our literature to 400 pastors.

Besides this Mrs. Obando Sofia Navas, Professor, which is in charge of the regional directors of the public schools in this country invited us to make a presentation of the school curriculum we offer.

In our office here in Santiago we have little educational material, so we talked about the possibility of a trip to La Merced Publishing with them to view a larger selection of curriculum and also to be able to talk personally with some writers and editors.

I hereby want to make a formal request to Seth Bauman a Mount Zion Literature representative and a Publicadora La Merced representative to assist us on a Monday between now and the end of August to make a presentation to the 32 regional directors of all public schools of this country.

The possibility of a door being opened inspires me very much! It is the answers to my (our prayers). It was very inspiring to share our values with these folks, who feel the same weight for the declining morality of our beautiful country and they like us are clear that real education begins from the foundation of moral values. The excitement I feel is thinking about the possibility of convincing the leaders and influential people (who are teachers and educators) in this country that we HAVE to change the present moral compass.

It is disturbing for me to read the statistics on violence and crime that is increasing at such a rapid pace in Costa Rica, and even more so when we understand that these are merely symptoms of empty hearts and low values. Most of the school curriculum at present in this country is so empty and not only empty; it is fictitious, with lots of witchcraft and subtle terminologies.

So how do we fill these hearts with values? To every believer it is clear that only Jesus Christ can do this, but what about the time of childhood before children have the knowledge of good and evil? Before you are even responsible for your own soul and its actions? This precisely, is our vision! To provide the proper nutrients to all these children will make a huge positive difference in a generation from now.

Again we thank you for visiting us, (we welcome anyone else who would like to do the same) our goal is to humbly serve the well being of the peoples of CR and be a blessing.

Nat Yoder


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