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At the end of a gorge in the north eastern region of San Isidro lies the best coffee growing village of the Valle del General.

The village of La Piedra (The Rock) lies in the foothills of the Chirripo National Park about 20 kilometers from San Isidro. The coffee brand Chirripo, was named after the famous, highest mountain in Costa Rica.

Ricardo Carrion and his family represent a Coop of growers and the Chirripo brand is made up of 2,000 of these local growers. Chirripo Coffee is SHG classified (Strictly High Grown) coming from a chilly and cloudy altitude of 5,200 ft. These coffees are some of Costa Rica's best washed arabica's. Traceability is a very important issue to the Coop and tools are in place for a roaster to purchase direct from the Ricardo Carrion family. This coffee has a clean cup, high acidity, and good floral notes. Mr. Carrion has this coffee available in the JavAlliance warehouse for immediate shipping! You can purchase today for $3.65 per lb.



Mr. Ricardo Carrion has been neighbor and co-laborer to the community of La Piedra's 200 families for 22 years. Here in their little mountain home the Carrion couple have raised a family of 7 children, subsisting entirely from the production of their 6 hectares of coffee. Mr. Ricardo has now given each child a plot of coffee of their own and Café Chirripo will continue to be the livelihood of the extended Carrion family.

JavAlliance is excited to bring an awareness and the product availability of this fine Chirripo coffee to roasters in the US. We will keep you updated as our relationship with the Carrion family develops and we welcome and assist anyone who wishes to visit the Carrion family's coffee farm. You may contact Ricardo Carrion direct at 011-506-8972-1874 or a This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call toll free: 1-800-580-3096

Be assured that you will not reach a high pressured salesman. You will either be in contact with the grower himself or a very helpful and informative JavAlliance member!

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