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Foreign judges awarded prize for its taste and smell of chocolate and citrus.

The Hector Bonilla family had their backs against the wall with the collapse of coffee prices in 1987. The seven year crisis continually bringing them to an ever closer decision, that of going to work in the U.S.

The drop in price was leading him to the same fate of his fellow neighbors who lost their native land in Leon Cortes, but in 1994 a miracle happened and the price of coffee rose in the New York Stock Exchange.


Hector Bonilla put away his suit case and stayed with Cecilia Solis, his wife and three children. He now did not have to go to a foreign country. The price increase saved his family and an estate from bankruptcy: He had no money even for fertilizer.


The economic anxiety subsided for a while, but a fire was lit in Don Hector: and that was to become an independent producer of high quality coffee, one who was not forced to sell to the cooperative and wait on their sales dates and receive low returns for all the effort.

He dreamed of a small Beneficio to process each ripened grain without running the risk of it being mixed with green beans or low quality fermented beans. As he thought of a name he decided on Beneficio Don Mayo in honor of his grandfather and so named his brand of coffee as well.
He wanted another farm at the height of León Cortés where he could harvest quality, not quantity; and charge $275 for this special coffee, without a having to go through a cooperative or the erratic Wall Street market, where on Friday the price for the traditional producer closed at $ 127.

He dreamed of practically everything except that on Friday, May 8, 2009 his coffee would win the best in the country by a vote of 17 international judges and again winning the cup of Excellence last month June 21, 2011.

Don Hector says, "I still have pinch myself to awake from the dream of owning the Cup of Excellence Award."

And for this the world's finest coffee buyers are offering more than $ 1,000 per lot: Caturra of 15 bags of 150 pounds each. This is 10 times higher than that offered on Wall Street to traditional producers.

Support. When Don Hector was ready to plan for the changes in the future of his family, his wife supported him. Many of her wages as a nurse at the clinic in San Marcos de Tarraz‚àö‚à´ helped to realize their goal.

In April 1997 the family bought a 10 acre farm, called Bellavista in Llano Bonito de León Cortés, because it is at 1,900 meters, between small valleys and mountain slopes in the area of ‚"Los Santos (also formed by Cantons de Dota and Tarrazú).

Today, the country's best coffee smells and tastes like orange chocolate with lemon. It is produced in small quantities, a production of 1,500 sacks per year.

This delicious coffee is enjoyed by Japanese, Italians and Americans. In some cafes in Washington and California there are photos of the property and the Beneficio Don Mayo.

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