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The plebiscite (A direct vote in which the entire electorate is invited to accept or refuse a proposal: The new constitution was ratified in a plebiscite.) called for December 18 in Perez Zeledon, San Jose, requires the participation of at least 10% of registered voters in that county, a figure that currently stands at 9,630 people. The call to decide whether the mayor of San Isidro Luis Mendieta Escudero, continues in office or is impeached.

The 9,963 people amount to 10% of registered voters in the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), until July of this year. For the impeachment to be valid, at least that number of voters has to go to the polls, explained the policy management consultant of the electoral body, Gustavo Rom√°n.


Rom√°n emphasized that, if legal requirements are met, the outcome of the consultation would be final.

If the dismissal of the mayor is approved, his seat would be occupied by the vice-mayor, Vera Corrales Blanco.

Mendieta took office in February and 7 of the 9 members on the municipal council are political opponents who have not been able to accept defeat and therefore are trying to remove him. All I can figure out is that if he has to leave office then the majority of the peoples of the San Isidro de El General area prefer corruption above honesty. Their only gripe is that he is not communicative nor an executor.

Nat Yoder

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