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The mayor of Osa, Alberto Cole, receives the master plans of what will be the Green International Airport in Southern Costa Rica.

Correspondent Plans for what will be the new international airport in Palmar Norte southern Costa Rica.

The project for the construction of the Green International Airport in the Southern area was recently given a boost, with representatives of the City Council, the Mayor of Osa, and representatives of several cooperatives, whose land will be occupied by Civil aviation authorities.


At this meeting a coordinating committee was established for the construction of the airport and the aeronautical master plans were given to the Municipality of Osa.

The coordinating committee will be assigned to the Civil Aviation Technical Council, who will be responsible for coordinating with other public institutions the necessary technical studies, the environmental impact, aviary, social, feasibility, archaeological, among others.

The commission will be chaired by the president of the Civil Aviation Technical Council, and will be supported with funds from the General of Civil Aviation as well as from public and private sectors.



Just how “green,” is green?


Although I am very pro-sustainable development and life style, I continue to “feel” frustrated when presented with “eco” and “green” all the time. There has to be more to sustainability than just tacking the word “green” as a prefix to a building, development, life style and now an airport?!


So I asked a good friend from Texas to write an article for me on how he would picture a truly green flight leaving Europe and landing (I guess, a 747 made frombamboo poles, banana leaves, pontoons and all) in a mangrove in southern Costa Rica!

Bart you did an excellent job at describing the ironies of it all! How “green” is “green”, what next? a “green war”? Nat Yoder


January 19, 2012

Flight of the Recyclable Valkyries

Green Wing Aviation

Infinitely Loopy Avenue Uno

Grandview, Texas 76050


Friend....What exactly is a “Green” Airline Company and how exactly do they differ from the regular, mega-polluting fossil fuel relic airlines of the dying West?

These are just some of the questions I set out to answer recently as I settled into the Anesthetist Room at Paris International Airport, prior to setting out on my first Green Flight upon one of the most hyped examples of the New Mother Earth, Science Zero Admission Airliners: a rare, never-before seen Prima-Blimp Exoskeleton 700. Estimated Flight time from Paris, France to Palmar Norte, southern Costa Rica: just under three days!

A far cry from the 3.5 hour flight times promised by the Terra-Destroying supersonic days of the Concorde, or even the 8 hour cross Atlantic flight times of regular petrol fuel guzzling, sub-sonic jets like the Boeing 747!

Still, 48 hours is admittedly quite impressive considering “Green” Wing’s Euro bus Prima-Blimp series of aircraft, using strict zero-emissions organic tech, no internal combustion engines to make high capacity human flight possible!

By the way I am writing to you from Chiang Mai, Thailand (which will be shortly explained) as requested, to give you my first impressions of one of Europe’s most lauded new “Green” Airline services: Green Wing Aviators of Tomorrow’s Dreamy Dream, Dream, Inc.

As have many, I became curious about “Green” Airline Operations after being exposed to the huge advertising campaign “Green Wing” has been running during the non-religiously demarked Happy Holiday Season.

Though the popular 30 second spots feature only non-Westernized Indigenous Actors and Actresses of the Fair Trade Global Union, they are indeed ‘well-crafted’, the soft glowing earth-tone logos and over-saturated emerald scenes of the rainforest have left me as ignorant of how exactly a “Green” Airline works as I was before.

In these 30 second TV spots the indigenous peoples of the Non-West appear to be sifting dung, swatting flies, or in stupors of Amazon Heat and otherwise unaware they are being filmed as they look wistfully into the sky. These spots end with Indigenous

palm wavers advertising the world’s first international completely Zero-Emissions Flight Geist, um, flights.

I was equally clueless, nay, even more so, after watching all eight, 2 hour parts of Vice President Al Gore’s, Zero-Emission Flights: Thus I decided to take a flight myself and sign the waivers to actually remain conscious throughout the entire flight process.

Hearing of my assignment and eager no doubt to reach new potential customers, none other than Al Gore himself agreed to fly with me as my ‘Coach Bottom” (a term I was informed I would soon intimately have firsthand experience, once my flight commenced)  Though I am not a scientist, much less a new Love-Live-Laugh Global Greenhead as the liberal minded techies of tomorrow call themselves, nor have I ever actually met, nor witnessed on TV or radio, a person who could sensibly explain how Green Tech works, I will do my best to summarize and explain Green Flight.

Once all passengers are gathered into a large hanger sized pre-flight room, anesthesia is administered. As I watch all the passengers being seated in many variously shaped chairs (many reminded me of the shag carpeted so called ‘love chairs’ of the 70s, placing people’s torso and limbs in a multitude of positions reminiscent of a yoga class I took in college. Big Al explains, “Beautiful isn’t it.....the human body is really just living mea liable and easily shaped as....well, as are their minds. It’s all just so intriguingly beautiful”.

As Al tea- red up, I watched as they are first gassed, with Nitrous Oxide, then a mixture of heavy methane. This process I learned, as Al yelled to me through our gas-masks, “both prepares the passengers for the generation of more Methane while causing them to enter a sub-euphoria Nitrous based ‘high’ which is leveraged to mask the 48 hours of more or less pure terror the passengers are about to experience!”

In short, as Al put it, “we can whip them into a primal sham-rage of fear for two days that not a one of them will remember!

The key thinkers in the Green Science movement have known for years that fear is the key to our success. Now we use it to speed up body metabolism to generate all kinds of Organic Energy (OE), and, of course, nervous shotgun gas....methane gas....which is the key to our Air Ship’s natural....buoyancy”.

Next, I noticed Green Wings highly trained People of Endogenous Asia invented It Productions, the whole plane runs on fear, just like the Green Science movement as a whole....Methane Induced Fear.

Simply described;


  1. It'd look like a somewhat streamlined version of a blimp with little wings (usually Asian, but to avoid the racist overtones every now and then they throw in a little white guy).


2. The shell of the craft is formed of insect mucus and then passengers are fed, “off” seaweed to produce continuous volumes of methane to burn as thrusters and serve as buoyancy


  1. The craft is 'launched' by a series of stream thrusters kinda like are used on aircraft carriers. Sounds like 600 people screaming bloody murder.


4. Upon landing, (location 80% accurate, but depends on the winds) “off” flights (like 'mine' which landed in Thailand) are routinely blamed on unpredictable global warming winds.


5. The craft is hauled into a huge hanger….people are revived…cleaned up….and given post-traumatic stress disorder meds and sent on their way.


6. Then in a final post flight interview with the obviously badly shaken Gore, I ask him:

a. What exactly powers the steam turbines that launch the craft?….heat produced by a nuclear plant in France.

b. Where are the batteries made? (China)

c. How are they going to process all the caustic materials used in making the batteries? ( blank stare)

d. How are the batteries to be recycled? (stored with used r

adium from power plants for 100,000 years

e. What about the loss of insect life used to produce all the shellac?….etc…..


Isn't the “Green” Wing venture actually MORE polluting to the environment?….answer…..20 MORE  min of confabulated confused speech  from Gore….ending with…."

I'llinvent some more, and people and insects will have more jobs and clean air"

So as Alexander de Haan, stated about the flying saucer, “even if these radical changes prove feasible, it may take decades for their full implementation. (Apparently that day for Costa Rica has arrived) We may need to look into policy and lifestyle changes”.

However, he does not necessarily think people should cut back on flying. One solution might be to save fuel by shuttling vacationers in a slower, lower-flying aircraft, but then "start the party on board”.  It wouldn't be a flying saucer, but rather a cruise ship in the sky!


Sincerely yours,

Bart Clark








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