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Next time you travel to Costa Rica with your family in January don't miss out on a coffee fair in southern Costa Rica, (well almost southern), like half way between San Jose and San Isidro.

It involves a party where coffee picker, farmers, artisans, merchants, residents of the area, small and large companies engage in the production and marketing of coffee. All visitors are welcome to, cupping coffees; enjoy coffee-based recipes and a whole menu of traditional Costa Rican dishes.



Here you can enjoy a chopper ride over some of Costa Rica's most beautiful coffee country, savor authentic Costa Rican food wrapped in banana leaves (the way entire families wrap their lunches up when heading out for the coffee fields). In addition to live music, folk dancing, you will be able to compete in a coffee picking plantation, and in the selection of a coffee queen!

This all takes place in Frailes, high in the mountains south of the capital. Be prepared for 2 fun filled days! Your children will love it! Bring jackets and sweaters.

The dates are normally around the middle of the month of January.

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