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Scenic Costa Rica Editor

Costa Rican coffee has proven to be a valuable commodity in the past few years. Typical of this kind of progress in the market place, is an increase of interest in investment in profitable areas.

But is that the only possible use of a Costa Rican coffee fincas? ("Finca": "plantation, farm, rural property" in Spanish) Obviously profit is nice, but so is the beauty, privacy and remote aspects of such ownership. Put on the dream cap: Gentleman/woman coffee farmer's life in Costa Rica?

Much like fishing, sometimes the joy is in the process, not the actual catching of fish.

Were you to buy a finca at (or over) $100,000 this permits you to obtain legal permanent residence status in Costa Rica. Anything a "Tico" (Costa Rican citizen) can do, you can do. Except vote in Costa Rican elections.

You would also be exempt of all taxes on the property. Income, should you wish to produced a crop and sell it, is also completely free of all taxation.

Also there is complete freedom to use the land, the crop and the profit in any way desired.

It might be added that your residency, unlike others, does not require absences from Costa Rica, or renewal of visas. You can stay continuously (if wished) in country! The initial investment is higher than say paying a monthly rent with a tourist visa extension fees, and so on. The ties holding you are much stronger financially. You will, as with any real estate purchase, need to have competent legal help in researching title and consummating the deal.

Is it required you engage in active farming of coffee or other crops? No.

Building a home with a view of your land and surrounding properties is quite enough, thank you!



However, in present economic circumstances, growing a variety of crops in fertile soil in Costa Rica can provide security, as do the very inexpensive help that can be hired for working the crops. If the future is bright (and isn't it always?) and the land sufficient for a sensible action, you can subdivide the property and use the future dollars (or colons) for whatever choose or need.

In short, investment of $100,000+ in a finca (farm) can afford much in the way of rights and privileges. Security in owning productive land can supplement any other retirement income or assets. No taxes, means no "county court house step" sales by the government taking the land.

As with all purchases of this kind, again, competent professionals are needed to protect your interests. It is a foreign country, and its laws are based on French code, not English common law. You need an expert - it is emphasized.

But then go fishing - and enjoy one of the most beautiful places on God's green earth! Costa Rica!

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