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The entire experience with Mr. Jorge has been a huge blessing to me. From the first time we met when he and his wife were considering buying in Monte Verde until the other night when he brought his family and another couple of friends out to our place for a steak dinner our relationship has been an inspiration.

Mr. Jorge is the owner of a supermarket in San Isidro. He has totally captured the vision I (we) have for Monte Verde! First of all Mr. Jorge enjoys everything he does and this allows him to see a lot of things from a positive perspective. He is completely thrilled taking his 2.5 acres from brush and tropical jungle to what it is today!


Mr. Jorge understands what we have been trying to convey all these years and that is the treasures we have out in the country that can never be found in town! We are marketing what Monte Verde really has and the real value Monte Verde has is;


1. That it is FAR away from town, and yet close enough to be a relaxing drive out. Like 45 min. (Less for Jorge when he drives out on his big cycle).
2. Incredible views! Views that literally take your breath away when you walk out on any one of Jorge's many decks at the cabin. These views are constantly changing from the time the sun begins to shed its first rays in the morning, to the clouds that move through the valley throughout the day, to the rain that falls nearly every afternoon, to the glorious sunsets that finish off a good day! From Jorge's cabin you can see nearly to San Isidro to Buenos Aires and from the rear the impressive mountain peaks of the ParqueNacional La Amistad.
3. Abundant wildlife! In Monte Verde we have seen white tailed deer, white faced monkeys, wild hogs, sloths, and a countless number of birds and amphibians, not to mention hundreds of tropical plants. There are now some species from Monte Verde being considered by international biologists to be introduced as new discovery.  And by the way the creek next to Jorge's cabin is called “Rana de Vidrio” (glass frog creek)
4. Peace and tranquility. As a business man, it has been a relaxing and extremely fulfilling hobby for Mr. Jorge to build his dream cabin and be able to come out from town and be able to rest and breathe in the pure mountain air where he can feel Gods presence. As you can observe in the pictures, Monte Verde has been a hidden treasure. Jorge has been polishing his treasure and now his dream is to surround himself with friends and family who will also appreciate the slower paced life that town does not offer. In fact a good friend is already building another cabin next to Jorge, but I will leave that for another newsletter!.

Nat Yoder

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