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Recently I read about the new international airport in southern Costa Rica in the local paper that I picked up at the bank. For some reason it seems more trustworthy than if I would read it on some developers' (like mine) website. Although this type of news interests me in any place I might find it, I thought it was especially interesting to read about the locals 'positive attitude about it. There are some national publications that say the people in the south don't want an airport and I couldn't believe how dense you would have to be to turn down a real development possibility like this! 
The ENLACE paper goes on to say that a Spanish company has been awarded the contract to do the environmental studies on the proposed airport and should have the studies complete in nine months, except for the aviary study which will take 14 months as they have to observe an entire migration cycle. Hmmm, I guess they are supposedly being very thorough!  
Also, all local municipalities have a large glass bulletin board of the different community projects ICE is doing to win approval on the social level for the Diquis project. These bulletin boards of course are all pro-Diquis and I have no way of verifying whether the info on there is bias or no, but according to local information it seems as though the environmental studies are soon to be complete.

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