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Recently I watched a documentary of the China wall. As I watched this film I became frustrated again with this nagging question that for the most part I try to archive, but that again this morning gets me out of bed at 2:30 a.m.  
Someday I hope to go see the China Wall for myself but for now I'll have to satisfy my curiosity with what others have to say about it BECAUSE I am not a man of power.

I don't want you to think that I am complaining by what I am writing in this article because I am very grateful for the abundant life that God has given me through Jesus Christ.

What frustrates me is why do 2 men (as our popular new friend from Cleveland Ohio, Charles Ramsey says), “bleed the same blood and put their pants on the same way,” the one has power and the other doesn't? And it doesn't just stop there; the one without the power has to serve the powerful one!

How can a scrawny little, goat beard of a man get to such an extreme of selfish power, to order men of all age groups, muscular men, men MUCH younger and much more handsome than the old king who needs a whole army procession just to walk him to the throne? He accomplishes more with one of his “looks” than the labor of another man in a lifetime. Half a kingdom does nothing other than render personal services to him and the other half builds a wall that claims the lives of 4 million country men, (did you get that? All of CR just gets wiped out) and accomplishes nothing productive for neither his country nor the planet. You have to wonder what for environmental permits they must have had back in those days that allowed for such a loss of human life!

It is VERY likely/possible that this old king and some of the wall builders played in pampers on the dirt street in front of their houses when they were toddlers or went to kindergarten together as best friends. What happens?
We tend to think that these scenarios don't happen anymore in our modern “justice” system and we cry “EQUALITY FOR ALL!” But history repeats itself.

As all of you know Obama was just here. I won't argue who's more handsome cause I know I ain't got the looks, but one thing I do know, I'm a full blood, red neck, born in Pulaski Tennessee U.S.A! (at least my birth certificate says so). U.S. Immigration officials sometimes make me feel like I MUST belong somewhere else with the “cross eyes” they give me when I go back to the States. I guess I been here so long I'm just considered a peon, at least that is how Mrs. Laura treats me.

I've lived here for over 20 years, I've shook hands with Mrs. Laura, I've been present at quite a few meetings where she has spoken and I've paid taxes to this government till I am faint in my knees, but I guarantee you that if we met on the street today she wouldn't know me from Adam!

I'm pretty certain I'll end up doing more for Costa Rica than Obama ever will, but Mrs. Laura never clears the highway for me, not to mention eliminate the speed bump (it's more like forcing your car over a felled tree, I mean for real, they took it out because there was a risk that “the beast” (Obama's limo) would get hung up on it!) out in Escazu near the Inter-Continental hotel. In fact she has NEVER even come close to inviting me out for dinner!

It's just ok/to pura vida if I sit in traffic and suck up smoke (we have literally) for 5 hours between the airport and Cartago. If I tear off the tie rods and shaft the shock absorbers on my poor old Mitsubishi on the speed bumps it's just the price I HAVE to pay to live in the happiest country in the world, it's all ok that the pot holes are ruining my car and that I have to go through the emotional anguish of getting failed every year at RITEVE. In fact Mrs. Laura doesn't even know that the bridge that carries the traffic into our community of Santiago got washed out a week ago.

She doesn't seem to care that we have been trying for nearly 2 years to get the permits we need to build a couple of hydroelectric projects, she claims these are a priority for the country, (just imagine if they were not!) or a deed that we need badly and have been trying to get for over 3 years.  

She does care though that I got behind a few months on some land taxes, because she sent out a man from the municipality on a motorcycle and she gives me 5 business days to pay or it goes to court. WHY? Simply because I am not a man of POWER!

Mrs. Laura I love you, respect and honor you, I'm just saying what it looks like from a “powerless” point of view. Mr. Obama and Mrs. Laura, can I respectfully ask you to give some “thought” to the hand you salute? I am convinced there are millions of your own countrymen who have and are doing much for you than what you 2 will ever do for each other. First of all seek help from God. Seek help from your own people in re-building your economy, ask counsel from your businessmen, they will be glad to help you; they will help you be much more creative in boosting the economy, rather than simply inventing another tax to already dying economies. Don't ignore the people who are truly building your country and by the way if it ever occurs to you that there might be some other nice folks “in town” who deserve some of your attention, you don't have to take us out to Fogo D' Brazil, a Subway sandwich is fine! And by the way beings you are in POWER I'll get the bill.

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