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Now let me tell you about our little froggy that we think we have found in Monte Verde Southern Costa Rica!
INBio of Costa Rica and other scientific research says that this little froggy was last seen in the early 90's and is given up as either very critically endangered or else extinct!
Over the past 3 years we have had different biologists from the university of Costa Rica up in the mountains, and for many weeks this past dry season and we are 99% sure that we have found the froggy, but as you can see in the research we will have to patiently wait until May for the early rains to know for certain. We will keep you updated as the discovery of our froggy develops and if he (they) peek out in May we will most definitely let you know! And soon thereafter the whole world will find out about Monte Verde southern Costa Rica!

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I knew Mr. Francisco Jiménez was scheduled to come to our community of Santiago the 12th of March and when I received this document of him awarding this state of the art container terminal to a Dutch company I was even more impressed that this same political figure was coming to see us!
Dutch firm agrees to put $1 billion into Moín docks
By The CAFTA Report staff

I like to think that I am getting good at scheduling fishing trips! Put it this way, I went from never in my life to scheduling 2 in less than 6 months! And this allows me to share the following! Southern Costa Rica off the coast of Quepos is the best fishing I have ever done in the world!

We were blessed to have Elias and Anna Esh and John and Ruth Stoltzfus visit us the 24th and 25th of Feb. Anna works at Stoltzfus meats which is a Javataza customer, and Linda Hershey (daughter of Elias and Anna) who is also a Javataza customer (The Pantry of Lancaster County) encouraged her parents to come and visit us on their trip to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has been ranked fifth in the region for its tourism and travel competitiveness in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report was released by the World Economic Forum at the Global Tourism Forum 2011 in Andorra and ranks countries in relation to their economic potential in the tourism industry.



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