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Chumasquera is the Spanish name for thick fog, fog so dense that it's like misty rain. Locals in southern Costa Rica gave this mountain that name because the fog is so thick that as it rolls in over the mountain and comes up against the wall of a house, the side of a coffee plant, or your face, the water will literally trickle down the side and form little rivulets! The mountain is located along the same mountain range as the Chirrip‚àö‚â•, the second highest peak in Central America, about 15 miles south of the city of San Isidro.

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"Farmers are scared," says Orlando Mora, an agronomist at Starbucks' farmer support center in Costa Rica. "They are having to alter their daily routines a lot.”

Researchers are developing hardier varieties of coffee that can withstand changes in the weather.

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Fitch Ratings has upgraded Costa Rica's credit worthiness and said the outlook for the country was stable.

Helix Medical, LLC, a manufacturer for the medical device and healthcare industries, will soon begin construction on a new medical manufacturing facility in Costa Rica, the firm said Tuesday.

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Here recently I enjoyed a good hearty laugh with my good friend Marvin Arias from San Jorge Coffee. (Note story insert) We were walking through his coffee farm, visiting and appreciating the reforested area that he has within his coffee plantation. He shared with me that a few weeks earlier a biologist was at the farm and raving about the biodiversity to be found there, claiming that some squirrels they seen were worth $ thousands!



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