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At the end of a gorge in the north eastern region of San Isidro lies the best coffee growing village of the Valle del General.

The village of La Piedra (The Rock) lies in the foothills of the Chirripo National Park about 20 kilometers from San Isidro. The coffee brand Chirripo, was named after the famous, highest mountain in Costa Rica.

Ricardo Carrion and his family represent a Coop of growers and the Chirripo brand is made up of 2,000 of these local growers. Chirripo Coffee is SHG classified (Strictly High Grown) coming from a chilly and cloudy altitude of 5,200 ft. These coffees are some of Costa Rica's best washed arabica's. Traceability is a very important issue to the Coop and tools are in place for a roaster to purchase direct from the Ricardo Carrion family. This coffee has a clean cup, high acidity, and good floral notes. Mr. Carrion has this coffee available in the JavAlliance warehouse for immediate shipping! You can purchase today for $3.65 per lb.

Energy has always intrigued me but recently even more and I began to some in depth research and what I have found of energy production in Costa Rica is very interesting! Part of what caught my attention is a decree signed by Laura Chinchilla (The Chinchilla administration has asked electrical distributors to come up with pilot plans so that customers can generate their own power and market the excess. The request from the central administration was in the form of two decrees issued March 15, 2011 and published just before Easter in the La Gazeta official newspaper. The significance of the decrees was largely overlooked, according to industry sources. The Chinchilla decrees, however, gave the price regulator, the Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios P√∫blicos two months to come up with tariffs that would promote individual production of electrical power. The president also asked the electrical institute to come up with financing options as quickly as possible that would accelerate the development of this type of power generation.) and ever since I have kept my eyes and ears open.

Do you have a computer area in school? What do you do when someone steals something from you? Do you have problems with security? What happens to your waste, or do you have a recycling plan? In your own cemetery, do you have a layout design for the vaults or do you just build anywhere? If some one wants to get a college degree, are you allowed to? What do you do if a child chooses not to follow your teachings? These and many more questions were fired at us from eight professors' who are taking PhDs in the Catholic University of Costa Rica this past Sunday July 10, 2011.

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The 20th of May 2011 was another historic day for the community of Santiago as a delegation of government officials came to approve the building of a new college for the village.

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The international giant, International Business Machines (IBM), announced of Thursday that it will invest in Costa Rica us$300 million dollars over the next ten years and create up to 1.000 new jobs between now and 2014.
The IBM investment represents one of the most significant investment in the country in the last thirteen years, and the largest in the services sector for the last seven years.



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