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As one of the main writers for this newsletter different folks have suggested that I include my story in this first edition. So how in the world do you tell about yourself without seeming to blow your own horn? For me, blowing your own horn has the same sound as running your nails down the chalkboard. Yet on the other hand shouldn’t we be able to humbly share our life’s story in an uplifting way? Being able to share our testimony of God’s goodness in our life and the mercy He has bestowed as we journey here?

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It wouldn't seem fair to share the achievements of San Isidro as Fair Trade City without giving proper cknowledgement to CoopeAgri R.L. CoopeAgri is the largest employer in San Isidro and is the one mainly responsible for the city of San Isidro achieving the title of Fair Trade City.

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A group of us residents from southern Costa Rica are excited about sharing a monthly newsletter with our friends and family on what it’s like living in beautiful Costa Rica. Of course, since we are surrounded by coffee plants all the way up to our porches we wish to share it with our coffee associates and anyone else who has interest in what is going on here.



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